Wellington Municipal Court Schedule Change

Due to the current COVID-19 concerns, The Municipal Court is
working to try to limit the amount of people we allow into the Courtroom.

If you are scheduled for court, Wednesday, April 1, 2020 @ 6:00 p.m. , please contact
the Municipal Court Clerk as soon as possible to schedule a visit with the Prosecutor
and try to work something out on your case or obtain a continuance.

Please keep in mind, not all cases may not allow a disposition outside of a court

Some charges that will require your appearance are as follows.
Driving Under the Influence
Motion to Revoke Probation or Diversion
Domestic Battery

(However, if you are wanting to visit with Prosecutor, Apply for an Attorney or a
Diversion, please contact the Court Clerk to schedule an appointment as soon as
possible before April 1 st @ 620-326-2791)

The situation is being monitored and if there are further changes to the court operations,
a notification will be sent out. Thank you for your cooperation.
Wellington Municipal Court

Author: Terrence Nichols

Terrence Dean Nichols (T.D.) was born and raised here in Wellington, KS. After graduating from Wellington High School in 2008 Terrence focused on his photography and skateboarding while working small part time jobs. Terrence enjoyed working with kids as a Paraprofessional at Washington Elementary for 3 years Before becoming the videographer/film editor for Studio 55 in early 2017.