KSAS Fox Cable Channels Offline

An Update On KSAS Fox Wichita Channels

Tuesday, November 10, 5:00 PM

We received word from KSAS Fox Wichita that they will be performing tower maintenance on Monday, November 16. This will cause their broadcast to go down and, consequently, our cable channels from them as well. KSAS has stated that they will have their signal off-air most of the day and they hope to be back on by prime time. We will keep everyone informed of any updates that we get going forward.

Monday, November 2, 1:00 PM

Signal is back, we will have updates if anything changes.

Monday, November 2, 11:00 AM

The KSAS broadcast signal has dropped out again and we are waiting for information on the situation. We will update our site with any news that we hear, or if we see that the signal returns.

Sunday, November 1, 7:30 PM

We are again receiving the broadcast signal from KSAS and those channels should be back. If you are still having issues please call our on-call (620-326-8989 #2) for further assistance.

Thursday, October 29

On Thursday, October 29, the KSAS Fox Wichita over the air broadcast went dark and we were unable to receive their programming to redistribute on our cable system. SUTV has been monitoring the situation and as soon as KSAS repairs their equipment and begins transmitting again we will have that programming back online for you as well. In the mean time we do not recommend resetting equipment or doing channel scans. Once the feed has returned it should be viewable on our system without any user interaction.

The affected channels that are offline:
104 (DTA 4) KSAS Fox
504 KSAS Fox HD
191 (DTA 91) TBD
182 (DTA 82) Comet

The following is a statement given out by KSAS Fox Wichita:

KSAS FOX Kansas, Wichita: We have been experiencing some antenna issues at the tower site resulting in KSAS being off air until further notice. Engineers are actively working on a repair. Unfortunately, we don’t have an estimate on when that will be complete. Once the signal does return, a re-scan will probably be necessary to reconnect it to your receiver. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for contacting us!

More up to date information and feedback may be available on the KSAS Comunity Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/FOXKansas/community/


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