Kansas State Board of Education Fails To Affirm Governor’s Executive Order


The Kansas State Board of Education on Wednesday, voted 5-5 and did not affirm a “2nd” executive order issued by Governor Laura Kelly, which would have pushed backĀ  the start date for all K-12 schools in Kansas to the week following Labor Day weekend. This outcome means each school district will decide for themselves when their fall schedule will commence.

Governor Kelly reacted after the vote stating the outcome of the vote, “puts our students, faculty, their families and our economy at risk.”

The Governor went on to say, “she would work with the school districts to ensure safety and wellbeing of our children and asked every school district to delay the start of school…the cases of COVID-19 in Kansas are at an all-time high and continue to rise…our decisions must be informed by public health experts not politics.”

Recent figures from John Hopkins University shows over 23,000 cases of COVID-19 in Kansas and over 300 deaths. “Putting nearly a half million kids and faculty in daily, large gatherings is the exact opposite of what health experts have urged us to do,” the governor said.

The State of Kansas is divided into “10” Department of Education Districts. The map with this article shows the geographical location in Kansas of each district and who the Commissioners are. The vote tally went as follows:

For Affirmation of Governor Kelly’s 2nd Executive Order
District 1 – Janet Waugh
District 4 – Ann E. Mah
District 8 – Kathy Bush
District 9 – Jim Porter
District 10 – Jim McNiece (USD 353 falls within District 10)

Against Affirmation of Governor Kelly’s 2nd Executive Order
District 2 – Steve Roberts
District 3 – Michelle Dombrosky
District 5 – Jean Clifford
District 6 – Deena Horst
District 7 – Ben Jones

Affirmation would have required a 6-4 vote. It’s not clear at this juncture, what effect a possible variety of start dates for Kansas K-12 schools now, will have on the Fall high school sports schedules.

Steve Sturgis

Author: Steve Sturgis

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