Daily Police Bulletin December 28, 2020

Wellington Police Department Daily Bulletin

Monday, December 28th, 2020

*********** 12:07am Payton D. Smith, WM, 18, city was arrested and charged with Driving Under the RICKEL

NTA16488 Influence of Alcohol or Drugs. (REF#20-2447, 20-2448, NTA#16488)

20-2450 8:51am Officers conducted a Welfare Check in the 400 blk S. C, city. TREDWAY


20-2449 9:08am Officers took a report of a City Code Violation in the 1200 blk S. B, city. HEATH


20-2451 12:25pm Officers investigated a Theft in the 100 blk W. Botkin, city. VOGEL


20-2452 2:54pm Officers investigated False Information to Request Emergency Assistance in the 1300 VOGEL

FLS INFO blk N. A, city.



20-2453 4:40pm Officers took a Found Property report in the 500 blk E. 15th, city. VOGEL

FND PROP (Employee Discount card)

*********** 5:18pm Christopher L. Emery, WM, 40, city was arrested and charged with Transmitting False VOGEL

Information to Request Emergency Service Assistance. (REF#20-2452)

20-2454 5:20pm Officers responded to a Disturbance in the 1400 blk E. 16th, city. TREDWAY


NTA16607 7:35pm Steven R. Scheufler, WM, 53, city was issued a notice to appear for Disobeyed Stop LANGFORD


NTA16608 9:25pm Bailly E. Williams, WM, 23, Viola, Ks was issued a notice to appear for Illegal LANGFORD


20-2455 8:26pm Officers investigated Counterfeiting in the 100 blk N. Washington, city. WESTMORELAND


20-2457 11:00pm Officers took a report of a Suspicious Person in the 800 blk N. Woodlawn, city.WESTMORELAND


20-2456 11:03pm Officers responded to a Mental Subject in the 800 blk N. Woodlawn, city. LANGFORD

MNTL SBJT (REF#20-2457)

20-2458 11:29pm Officers took a report of a Missing person in the 900 blk S. Washington, city. WESTMORELAND


Terrence Nichols

Author: Terrence Nichols

Terrence Dean Nichols (T.D.) was born and raised here in Wellington, KS. After graduating from Wellington High School in 2008 Terrence focused on his photography and skateboarding while working small part time jobs. Terrence enjoyed working with kids as a Paraprofessional at Washington Elementary for 3 years Before becoming the videographer/film editor for Studio 55 in early 2017.