A Close-Up Look at 2020 Peck Farms Harvest!

SUTV.COM’s roving reporter Steve, spent some time late Sunday afternoon, into the evening at one of David and Kathy Peck’s farm locations, east and southeast of Wellington, about 5-6 miles out that direction. There are two links below – one for photos, the other for a highlight video. Feel free to click either or both!

David and Kathy Peck were married in 1982 and have farmed ever since. (That is almost 40 years folks!) Kathy is also employed by Phillips 66 in Bartlesville, OK.  David worked on his family farm as a child, so much of his life has been in the fields. His mother’s family homesteaded here in 1871-1872 from Kentucky. His dad’s family came to Kansas in 1909 from Iowa, both of his parents’ families were farm families. The Peck’s have farmed where these pics were taken on Sunday, since 1968. A lady named Hazel Westing, who lived in Denver, CO was the owner at that time. David and Kathy bought the farm in 2002 and continue to own and farm it today.

Another farm, David and Kathy take care of, was started by his dad in 1938. At that time, a man from Marysville was the owner. The Peck family has farmed it since then, except during WWII, 1942-45. The third generation of that original family in 1938 still owns this particular farm, tended to by the Pecks.

The people you see in some of the pics are of course David and Kathy, their daughter and son, Sara and Brian, and Sara’s boyfriend Connor Seaba. Connor operates one of the 3 combines the Pecks use during harvest. Others pictured are John and Kim Mraz, neighbors of the Pecks who have helped with the harvest since 2008! There son John and son-in-law Matt Smith and his son Cooper are pictured and John’s nephew Tyler Mraz as well. Farming is a rich tradition around these parts – fine, fine people involved now, as there have always been. We are all very proud of what they do for our community, our state and our country. (and world!)

Working on a farm would be a great experience for any teenager. I’m not sure how much that happens today, compared to in the past. I was fortunate after my sophomore year at WHS, to work for farmer Roy Thomas up near Riverdale. I was pretty much a city boy when it started but learned a lot from the experience. (not sure Roy would agree with that if he was still here). 🙂 I basically followed the combines, discing and plowing, out in the middle of nowhere. You had a lot of time to think about a million different things. By August, the ole John Deere 4020 I navigated all summer had become a home away from home. (just so you know, my tractor had no cab, no music, just a canopy and lots of heat.) It was great, in retrospect of course.

Want to thank the Peck and Mraz families – enjoyed the photo shoot and sharing time on the farm with you all.



Steve Sturgis

Author: Steve Sturgis

Steve graduated from Wellington High School in 1974 and then Wichita State University (with honors) in 1979 with a B.S. Degree in Administration of Justice; his minor was in Sociology. Steve has held several positions ranging from Juvenile Court Service Officer, to District Manager in Circulation at the Wichita Eagle, Q.A. Planner at Boeing, Caregiver, Psychiatric Technician, Limo Driver, Ranch Hand, Photographer, Webmaster and Website Developer and a die hard Crusader Fan since the early 1960's. Contact the ole boy at shs74@wellington.cc or on Facebook or at any Crusader event year-round.