“4” Game Homestand Ends with Mixed Results

If it seems like the Crusaders and Lady Crusaders have been playing at HOME a lot this season – they have, at least since mid-December anyway. Collegiate on Tuesday night was the 4th HOMESTAND in a row, Mulvane, Winfield and Clearwater started that chain. Wellington won’t play at HOME again until Feb. 4th vs Buhler. This Friday will be a road trip to Andale, next week the boys head to Chaparral for their mid-season tournament, the girls will head to Circle HS on Tuesday, for JV and Varsity action there. The reverse will happen the following week, the girls will be in McPherson at their mid-season tournament and the boys will head to Circle. 

On a side-note, Chaparral is having difficulty finding an 8th team for next week’s boys mid-season tournament so the bracket set-up will be different if it ends up that way. We will keep you posted, that bracket info should be out soon.

The Lady Crusaders added “2” more wins to their program’s 2019-2020 tally, the Varsity winning 51-25, the JV 50-47.

The Lady Crusaders SWEPT for the 5th time this season, taking care of business with the visiting Lady Spartans – traditionally, the Lady Crusaders have done well in that category, that tradition continues. Not a lot of height but compensate for with good ball handling and speed. The JV continues with the EGG in the loss column, moving to 8-0 after a close battle with their Spartan counterparts.

Collegiate 25 WHS 51

Mykiland French 12
Ali Zeka 9
Lexi Clift 7
Ashlyn Gerten 5
McKenna Jones 5
Myriland French 5
Kami Reichenberger 4
Shiney Hughes 3
Maddie Nance 1

Collegiate 47 WHS 50

Lexi Clift 18
Myriland French 9
Abby Helus 6
Emma Stover 5
Maddie Nance 4
Shiney Hughes 4
Natalie Henning 2
Jordyn Brown 2

GAME ACTION PICS vs Collegiate 011420

NEXT ACTION @ ANDALE HS * Friday Jan 17th


The Varsity Crusader Boys shot out to an 11-3 lead on Collegiate Tuesday evening, didn’t take the Spartans long to “right” their ship and by 1st quarters’ end, Collegiate was up 30-15, at halftime 42-20. The Spartans were high percentage shooters, knocking down “10” 3’s to the Crusaders “5”, and did so with high accuracy.

They had the height advantage as well. Collegiates’ platooning system allows a fresh five on the court a greater amount of time, too. A Purdue University scout was on hand, checking out one (or more, I don’t know) of the Spartans. A tough night overall for the boys in red.

The JV Boys couldn’t get anything to drop, control of that contest lost early on by the Crusaders. In opening action, the “C” Team Boys did take the Spartans to overtime, unfortunately came up just short in that eventual outcome.

Collegiate 67 WHS 34

Tanner Meyer 13
John Long 5
Austin Soles 4
Jack Wright 4
Cade Fairbanks 4
Berkeley Wright 3
RJ Clift 1

Collegiate 69 WHS 36

Jack Wright 8
Trenton Bannister 6
Korbin Jones 5
Jax Cornejo 4
Trace Witham 3
Keaton Hartman 2
Cope Henry 2
RJ Clift 2
Rylan Biles 2
Logan Swingle 2

“C” TEAM BOYS (4-3)
Collegiate 50 WHS 46 (OT)

Jax Cornejo 11
Keaton Hartman 10
Banks Hinshaw 9
Korbin Jones 6
Logan Swingle 5
Rylan Biles 3
RJ Clift 2

GAME ACTION PICS vs Collegiate 011420

NEXT ACTION @ ANDALE HS * Friday Jan 17th
C TEAM BOYS @ 4:15PM (Gym B)
JV BOYS @ 5:45PM (Gym B)

Steve Sturgis

Author: Steve Sturgis

Steve graduated from Wellington High School in 1974 and then Wichita State University (with honors) in 1979 with a B.S. Degree in Administration of Justice; his minor was in Sociology. Steve has held several positions ranging from Juvenile Court Service Officer, to District Manager in Circulation at the Wichita Eagle, Q.A. Planner at Boeing, Caregiver, Psychiatric Technician, Limo Driver, Ranch Hand, Photographer, Webmaster and Website Developer and a die hard Crusader Fan since the early 1960's. Contact the ole boy at shs74@wellington.cc or on Facebook or at any Crusader event year-round.