38 WHS Seniors Eligible For WHS.CC 2021 Stipend!

School is out, summer is underway, recent graduates are finalizing plans for their post-secondary endeavors this fall...sooooo, when is Steve going to lay out the plan for this summer’s WHS.CC Laptop Giveway??? Ummmmm….now?

First off, congratulations to the following WHS Class of 2021 Seniors. When seniors returned from Christmas/New Year break this past school year, they had from then until Feb. 18, 2021 to complete and submit a short application for assistance with a computer if they were planning on post-secondary academic or vocational studies. The deadline was moved back 2-3 times due to weather issues. Feb. 18th was the eventual final deadline, a firm deadline as well. Applications are no longer being accepted.

As noted on the application, each applicant will have to provide “proof of enrollment” prior to receiving this year’s stipend. That basically consists of the student’s fall class schedule, with the name of the institution showing, the students name, FALL 2021, and a schedule. These are easily available, usually on the students college or vocational schooling pages, etc..or request it from their counselor or advisor.

THE 38 ELIGIBLE WHS CLASS of 2021 SENIORS who submitted paperwork by the Feb. 18, 2021 deadline:
(Those in bold type with an asterisk, have provided “proof of enrollment” and their check has been mailed, or will be very soon.)

Kade Adams*, Journei Bales, Trenton Bannister, Courtney Benavides, Dylan Billington, Robert Boyles, Olivia Brand*, Alexus Clift, Olivia Dockery, Payton Ginter, Kenneth Fehrman*, Kallee Forslund*, Mykiland French*, Myriland French, Calli Hatfield*, Taylor Heasty*, Krystal Jonas, Katherine Kenemore, Rayce Koerner, KaitLynne Kreifels, Jace Lawrence, Rachel Lee, Brayden Macias, Tanner Meyer, Rhett Nance, Raegan Raschke*, Rylee Rusk, Blake Saffell, Zach Saffell, Abbigail Smith, Julia Starnes, Gabrielle Stout, Andrew Summers, Tori Thornton, Callaway Wickham*, Trace Witham, Berkeley Wright, Aidan Young,

Crusaders, once you have your proof of enrollment, email it to Steve Sturgis at ssturgis@usd353.com and he’ll get it processed and get your stipend processed in the form of a check. You can apply this stipend to the cost of your computer or related college expenses.

THIS YEAR’S STIPEND for each of the 38 will be $200.00 (with proof of enrollment) – this is the same amount as was distributed last year.

There are many folks to thank for making this possible for you. Local businesses, alums, memorials, etc…all that info can be found at this link on the Crusader Website – please thank those listed next time you see them!! http://www.wellington.cc/node/1145

If you have any questions, email Steve at ssturgis@usd353.com. He will collect Proofs of Enrollment weekly from you, as they come in and the checks will be processed early the following week and delivered to you in person or via the postal service. Here’s to a great future Crusaders – good luck to each and all!!

Thank you WELLINGTON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION for your year-long assistance with this program, annually since 2001! To date, the WHS.CC Scholarship Fund has distributed over $220,000.00 to graduating seniors at WHS since 1999. GO BIG RED!

Author: Steve Sturgis

Steve graduated from Wellington High School in 1974 and then Wichita State University (with honors) in 1979 with a B.S. Degree in Administration of Justice; his minor was in Sociology. Steve has held several positions ranging from Juvenile Court Service Officer, to District Manager in Circulation at the Wichita Eagle, Q.A. Planner at Boeing, Caregiver, Psychiatric Technician, Limo Driver, Ranch Hand, Photographer, Webmaster and Website Developer and a die hard Crusader Fan since the early 1960's. Contact the ole boy at shs74@wellington.cc or on Facebook or at any Crusader event year-round.