Over 900 Lunches Provided by FREE 2GO LUNCH Volunteers!

The following is an update, courtesy of Ms. Jaedyn Ledesma who spearheaded this past week’s “FREE 2GO LUNCHES” for the young folks around our fine town.

“The Community Free Lunch 2Go Last week final update:

Monday- 128
Wednesday- 208
Thursday- 204
Friday- 208


A big thank you to the following community members for their generous donations and effort to make the free lunches possible:

Lori & Mitch Day, Shelly Martin, John & Denise Showman, Glen and Sue Harris, J.B & Shawn Becker, Jennifer Worley, Bill & Shawna McNamara, Ryan & Carmen Altendorf, Patti Ledesma, Tim and Candice Lira, Lindy Fike, Lisa & Wes Smith, Amy Jackson, Chris and Valerie Ledesma, Todd and Karen Herrington, Traci Smith, Ashleigh Huck, Kristee & Chris Bernd, Vince & Gillian Macias, John & Cammy McComb, Kelli Barton, Lisa and Jamie Allton, Kindred Hospice, Becca Dixon, Karen and Todd Whaley, Robby Whaley, Maria Hernandez, Lisa and Les Wold & friend Chris, Hailey Horning, Steven and Kitchell Scheufler, Austin Showman, Deyna and Justin Smith, Greg and Kelsi Hinshaw, Joyce Koehn, Teresa Snider, Dave Wig, Ryan and Angie Hilt, Brian and Mindi Flanagan, Chad and Sara Bannister, Megan and Colby Bannister, Traci Smith, Mitzi and Preston Carroll, Traci and Steve Hawks, Bailey Harris, Rane Case & The Crusader Den, Paula Oldridge, Debbie Overfelt, Hunter Gaddie, Darren Evans Family, Ronda Fitzpatrick, John Bailey, Lori Hochevar, Debbie Jones, Heather Kord, Roxi Nance, Katie Nance, and Terri Driskell!

Another big thank you to the employees of Impact Bank: They packed the sack lunches for Thursday and Friday.

Another big thank you to Travelin’ Smoke BBQ: They made 200 pulled pork sandwhiches for our lunches on Friday.

Thank you to my mom, Linda Ledesma who held down the drive thru, packed lunches, and helped me while I was back and forth between school and thank you for delivering meals to those who needed it.

Thank you to Danielle Gilbreth for helping hold down the drive thru with us, and bringing positivity to all those who came through.

& Thank you to everyone who shared, shared and shared again to get the word out for people who could use the free lunch.

I love our community and I’m so blessed to know so many wonderful people who are servants and willing to step up in such a big, big way to serve our community.”

Steve Sturgis

Author: Steve Sturgis

Steve graduated from Wellington High School in 1974 and then Wichita State University (with honors) in 1979 with a B.S. Degree in Administration of Justice; his minor was in Sociology. Steve has held several positions ranging from Juvenile Court Service Officer, to District Manager in Circulation at the Wichita Eagle, Q.A. Planner at Boeing, Caregiver, Psychiatric Technician, Limo Driver, Ranch Hand, Photographer, Webmaster and Website Developer and a die hard Crusader Fan since the early 1960's. Contact the ole boy at shs74@wellington.cc or on Facebook or at any Crusader event year-round.