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The weather was picture-book perfect Friday evening at Sellers Park for the 2016 Irondukes season debut, hosting their league opponent Clearwater Indians. Zero wind and awesome temps made at least that aspect of the evening pleasant and enjoyable. A large contingent of Crusader Fans were in the stadium, the west side nearly full with RED being the dominating color! Clearwater brought a good following of their own - burgers were frying and the atmosphere was set!

The first half wouldn't go badly either, a back and forth affair ending after 1 qtr with Wellington leading 7-6 and then after 2 qtrs just a 7 pt. lead for the visiting Indians (14-7). That margin unfortunately would expand greatly in the 2nd half, the Indians outscoring the IRONDUKES 27 to 6 - resulting in the lopsided final score Clearwater 41 Wellington 13.

The IRONDUKE offense was productive at times, the defense struggled nearly throughout with the running attack of the Indians who chalked up over 400 yds in rushing behind the running talents of Indian Senior Collin Ellis and Junior Ethan Wells.

On the Wellington side of the ball, "5" Crusaders combined for a total of 212 yds rushing (Chris Kop 13/80, Colton Glover 23/60, DeAndre Washington 4/33, Cade Phelps 9/24 and Deyton Araujo 7/15). Phelps went 21 for 83 yds in passing, including a 23 yd TD pass to Joe Ybarra and an 8 yd toss by Phelps to DeAndre Washington for 6. Washington had 9 receptions for 16 yds total (including that 8 yd TD), Jack Walton 4/14 yds, Joe Ybarra 4/23 yds (TD), Colton Glover 1/23 yds, Dylan Goodman 3/9 yds and Julian Jimenez 1/0 yds.

Total offensive yards for Wellington was 295. (212 Rushing / 83 Passing)

The Crusaders punted twice (Trayson Probst), a 40 yarder and a 33 yarder for a 37 yd avg on the evening.

The Wellington Freshmen and JV football squads will head to Clearwater on Tuesday (Monday is Labor Day Holiday) with a 5PM start, followed by the JV game nightcap. GOOD LUCK RED! The season is young.

Senior Linebacker Lukas Soria was out early with an ankle or knee issue and remained out the entire game. His condition and prognosis not known at this juncture. Hopefully he will be back soon.


Andale 50 Andover Central 14 * Augusta 32 Winfield 00
Buhler 26 McPherson 13 * Campus 21 Ark City 14
Collegiate 41 Rose Hill 6 * Mulvane 52 El Dorado 28
Conway Springs 48 Belle Plaine 08 * Ulysses 30 Liberal 13
Hays 31 Scott City 21

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