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Friday evening was the opening performance for the latest stage production at Wellington High School - this time, a drama...and when I say "drama" I mean "DRAMA"! 

UNEXPECTED TENDERNESS is a story about a dysfunctional Jewish family (the Stern's) that live in Massachusetts in post-era WWII days. 

Roddy Stern recalls what it was like growing up in a family dominated by his paranoid and pathologically jealous father, a truck driver who lurked outside his own house instead of working, to catch his wife with other men. A long-suffering and abused woman, Roddy's mother raised two children in this difficult environment. Roddy's complex father is portrayed as a loving man with a demon inside that he fights but cannot exorcize and eventually loses all control and drives away the family he loves.

"A play of real power and dimension... It stays with the mind and heart." N.Y. Post

There was a lot of talent on stage in Friday night's opener. The "7" member cast performed with great stage presence and intensity. This play has moments of subtle humor but for the most part is pure drama and eventually evolves into very high intensity drama at the story's climax. All "7" cast members made this an excellent production. Their articulation, their voice volume, their stage presence, expressions and mannerisms - very well done. The "3" main characters (the dad, the mother and the son) were played by WHS Seniors Matthew Sinnett, BayLee Pacchelli and Jacob Michaelis. These "3" nailed it...all had extended parts in the production with long scripts to learn and varying degrees of drama to portray and bam, they all scored "10's" in all of those aspects and along with the others made this a play very worth seeing. Again, it is real drama with great acting by some of WHS's best Thespians ever.

Matthew Sinnett, just so you know is planning on becoming a Chemical Engineer. He's a sharp young man and has played numerous characters on stage over the years and has excelled on stage throughout! 

BayLee Pacchelli is the real thing too. You instantly forget that is BayLee when she appears on stage in character because of her ability to fall into her character and make it "REAL" for the audience. BayLee auditions in the next week or so at JULIARD SCHOOL in NEW YORK CITY...repeat, this young lady is auditioning at JULIARD in NYC!! 

Jacob Michaelis who played the son in this drama knocked it through the roof...his articulation, his delivery, his emotion - all "right-on"! I don't know Jacob's post high-school plans but know he will excel no matter. Very talented performance by Jacob.

All the cast members made this work along with their sound and light crews - just one more performance tonight - I hope many of you will take advantage of the opportunity to see some of Wellington's finest perform...who knows, we may all be saying someday..."we knew them before they were stars"!


Archie Stern / Roddy (the Elder) - Matthew Sinnett
Roddy Stern (the Younger) - Jacob Michaelis
Jacob Stern - John Mayo
Willie - David Matlock
Molly Stern - BayLee Pacchelli
Haddie Stern - Lizzy Santana
Sylvie Stern - Kayla Prickett


ADULTS $6.00 in Advance $8.00 at the door
STUDENTS & SENIORS $ 4.00 in Advance $ 6.00 at the door





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